Of course, the “war on terror” only made jihadist violence worse.


It is two decades after September 11, 2001. The first victims of what has been called “the war on terror” were the thousands of people at work in New York’s World Trade Center, passengers and crew. of the plane hijacked by terrorists commanded by Osama bin Laden and the heroic firefighters, first responders, paramedics and cops who rushed to the scene.

We must remember the courage of the passengers and crew who fought to regain control of their aircraft from the hijackers and died in the failure of their heroic attempt.

It is boring to repeat it, so much the fog of hoax and disinformation that surrounds these events, but there were no Afghans involved in the hijacking. The mostly Saudi suicide squads that were trained to fly into the United States under the negligent eye of the U.S. secret state owed their allegiance to the Saudi terrorists originally trained and funded by that same secret state to challenge the progressive and secular Afghan government and its long-standing government. Soviet allies.

Britain was complicit in the creation of this monstrous regiment and some of its most brutal leaders have been hailed as freedom fighters, while a constant tension in British foreign policy under successive governments – Tory, Labor and Tory-Lib Dem coalition – has been to suck the obscurantist medieval Saudi regime, sell it arms and planes, bombs and bullets and trust it to act as policemen in defense of an oil industry that provides a tsunami of profits.

Lancet magazine estimates that nearly 655,000 Iraqis died during the invasion, war and long and still existing occupation.

Now is the time to remember that it was Prime Minister Tony Blair, his cohort of professional liars and the phalanx of New Labor MPs, who became complicit with the Conservatives in the wholly concocted story that Saddam Hussein was armed. weapons of mass destruction with a 45-minute countdown to Britain being hit.

Not only was this false, but the miasma of hoax that implied that the Iraqi dictator and the Saudi-led assassins were in an alliance was equally biased. In fact, it was the opposite.

We can attribute the deaths of hundreds of British soldiers – over 457 in Afghanistan alone – to these liars. The human cost to British families is not on the scale of the losses suffered by Iraqi and Afghan families but every human tragedy, and the many broken-bodied and broken-minded men, must be added to the price paid for these imperialist adventures.

To the human cost of the war in Iraq must be added the quarter of a million Afghans who died when the focus of Western military intervention shifted first to the largely imagined mountain lair of Osama bin. Laden, then to the whole of this poor but strategically important nation.

The United States spent over $ 819 billion on the Iraq war. The war in Afghanistan cost the United States more than $ 825 billion. For Britain, the final bill will amount to nearly £ 50 billion. Measured against the human needs in this region and the loss of life that two decades of war have produced, this constitutes obscenity.

The war on terrorism has been a blatant failure. With the military defeat and strategic setback that NATO has experienced in Afghanistan, we must explain the fact that jihadist terrorist groups are now operating in an intercontinental arc from western China to sub-Saharan Africa and the deranged adherents and deceived by their ideology have a capacity to strike on our soil.

This is the price we are paying for the partnership our ruling class wants with US imperialism.

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