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Sometimes, in each of our lives, there is a time when we have to borrow money to cover an expense. One time it is easy, other times not so much, depending on the amount needed. Nowadays, this problem is almost non-existent as there is a very practical and quick way to get the right funds – Visit This Link and request a bad credit loan direct lender.

Unlike banking institutions, where as easy as it is to take out a quick loan process, it involves a bunch of documents and different requirements, everything happens quickly and easily here, all you have to do is complete a very easy online loan application form. Without having to give guarantees, without an employment contract, etc.


When is it a good idea to take advantage of a fast loan?


  • When you need to incur an unforeseen expense that has caught you financially unprepared;
  • When you have regular income;
  • When you are in financial difficulty that is not very big and temporary;
  • When you want to defer the expense in small, easy-to-cover installments;
  • When they have a secure income in the future;


The maximum amount for a short-term loan from Geratum is 700 BGN. Here are some suggestions for what they can help you with:

short-term loan

  • For the repair of your car – we all know how unpleasant it is when a car is to be repaired, a fact that, apart from the inconvenience, can be a mess for both your health and your income if the car is needed to do your job;
  • Repairing Your Home – The cost of repairing your home is always high and often overlooked until it becomes urgent to do so. Don’t wait until after it is so easy;
  • To cover bills – in the winter it should be warm in your home, and in our quest to make it happen, we often end up with a large bill for electricity or steam. A quick loan solves this problem;
  • For the holidays, the end of the year is accompanied by big expenses, despite (or rather because of) big discounts on stores. The store bill happens to be bigger and gifts have to be bought for the whole family;

We give you the best option to deal with your financial problems and rather the need for money for your household. Geratum aims to solve your personal financial crisis.

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