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TIRUCHY: The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the travel sector, and the city’s tour operators were looking at the Union budget with high expectations.

Although Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman announced an unsecured loan of up to Rs 10 lakh for tourism stakeholders approved by the Ministry of Tourism, several travel agents and tour operators in Tiruchy felt that this would not be much help as many of them are not eligible for a loan.

“I have already received a call from my bank regarding this unsecured loan and I welcome this decision. But this would not be of much help to several travel agents and tour operators, as many of them do not do not have the approval of the ministry. In Tiruchy, as far as I know, there are only four tour operators approved by the ministry and I am one of them. The Union government must change the criteria for this unsecured loan to help stakeholders He should consider extending the loan to tour operators and tour operators operating with a GST number He can verify their business with the GST number It could help hundreds of people depending on the industry travel and tourism,” said G Kalidasan, a travel agent in the city.

While several countries are following restrictions for international operations, part of the tour operators believe that the sector needs more support from the government.

“Business has dropped significantly and many travel agents are struggling to cope. The government should come up with a plan to promote more operations. It should also engage in talks with more countries to increase air operations Otherwise, the travel and tourism sector could take much longer to recover,” said M Ramesh, a tour operator.

Several tour operators and tour operators have also pointed to the need to change the collateral-free lending criteria.

“I run a small business and had about four employees. But the pandemic forced me to downsize and now I only have one. It would have been a big relief if they had given financial assistance In fact,” ministry approval is not a mandatory requirement and only large operators would take it. Therefore, the government must remove this approval criterion for this loan,” said Suresh Kumar, a small travel agency and tourist transport operator.


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